Hosted Solutions

Setting up a server for a service can be expensive sometimes. The cost of acquiring software, hardware, professional services and after sales technical maintenance can easily break the financial back of small companies. Plus most of these equipment require a data centre with air-conditioning, power and network redundancy that can easily add to the space rental, utility and service fees of the company. Definitely not a good start for a small company.

The good news is that Giant offers hosted solutions!

We offer

  • Hosted (or virtual) PBX
  • Hosted Mail
  • Cloud storage
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Virtual Servers

We install and maintain the servers in our data centre. We are responsible for keeping this servers online always and renewing all operational licenses associated with them. Our clients only buy what service they need and pay only for that.

So if you are considering buying a PABX or deploying a UCC for an office of 5 users may be you should consider a hosted PBX solution from Giant. All it takes is to sign on to what you need and pay for just the service.

Customers can choose from different pricing options based on number of users, storage capacity (in the case of the cloud storage), or size of server (dedicated and virtual servers).

Giant appreciates the fact that institutions work hard for their money and so cost-effectiveness is of prime concern to us. We offer excellent and professional after-sales services.