Information Communication Technology is the language of today. The excuse of not having access to some information because it is in a room several floors or buildings away belongs to the past. From financial to health institutions, private to state-owned, secular to religious, academic to entertainment ICT plays a key role in making information available for the smooth running of business operations. And networking is the backbone of ICT.

Giant offers inter-branch networking solutions over Fibre Optics, Microwave Radio and Satellite. Our core and backbone network use only the best and efficient products from the network equipment manufacturing companies. We strive to keep up with the technological shifts in data transmission, networking and networking security to ensure that services delivered to our customers bring the best experience to their business operations. We have a 24/7 support department that works to mitigate down times on our network and thus guarantee service availability at all times.

At Giant we believe that all customers are not the same hence we give you the option to choose between two packages;

  • Dedicated inter-branch networking
  • Bandwidth-on-Demand inter-branch networking.

If you are looking at setting up connectivity to a new branch or replacing an old one then consider our dedicated package. It combines minimum pricing with efficient network resource management to ensure that you get the best out of your money.

For those looking at bringing redundancy on an existing connectivity your option is the Bandwidth on Demand option. On this package customers get to pay for only what they use; there is no need to pay for bandwidth you are hoping to use.

Apart from inter-branch networking Giant has experienced technicians and engineers to carry out the intra-branch networking of institutions. Whether it is a new building or an old building requiring change of the cable networks Giant can do a good job for you.