Unified Communication and Collaboration

Every institution, no matter how small, has need for an in-house communication system. One cannot think of shouting out to a colleague across a desk; that is a thing of the past. Traditional PABX have done a good job meeting the in-house communication needs of institutions but technology is ever evolving and there is always demand for more.

Today’s institutions do not just want to speak over the PABX; they want to send text chats, calendars, video calls; they do not want staff to be limited to their desks when it comes to communication; and they want all in one box. There is a name for it and that is Unified Communication and Collaborative (UCC).

Giant offers top of the communication industry’s solutions in UCC. Currently our most selling solution in this respect is the MiVoice 400 from Mitel. This product, originally designed by Ericson to replace the Business Phone, is parked with features that will meet the communication needs of financial institutions, hotels, hospitals, schools, religious institutions, every small and big office. The MiVoice 400


  • is scalable, robust and easy to integrate with other systems using open system architecture and global standards like SIP;
  • has advanced networking and security capabilities that make it ideal for institutions requiring inter-branch communication;
  • comes ready to deploy on any IP network;
  • has excellent mobility capabilities that extend the user’s desk phone to the mobile phone or DECT device;
  • can do CTI, video conferencing, chat and desktop sharing;
  • can be expanded with vertical applications like call centre and hotel room management

The list is endless. Plus you do not have to throw away your old analogue phones when migrating under a tight budget; they could be re-used. The MiVoice 400 is the best bridge between the analogue and digital world.